Tuesday, December 21, 2010

year ending musings

an interesting solstice/eclipse/full moon. a meditation was set up, to start off a years' worth of dedicated workings for next year---my 50th on this plane.  a bit of mercury retrograde got the setup off to a jumpy start.  candles tipping, animals interrupting, youngest grandchild fussing with a cold, knees sore, extremely difficult to sit still (hello, ADD).  but candles were sit & lit, a friendly aura beamed out from the presence invited & addressed.  the color red was needed & welcomed.  45 minutes flew by! today i will sit, light, & finish.  given my ADD i find that multiple days are needed to truly cast free the energy i wish to spread.  the feast day of st. nicholas is 5 december, but, as i'm still in america, solstice eve feels as good, if not better, to address Him.  Dame Fortuna didn't mind.  i have started baking cookies for yuletide yesterday.  i'm not one to start holiday baking for the home until solstice time.  this is the time of year i begin to turn in to the hearth.  from all souls day until solstice the holidays turn out, now it's time for the home to prepare for the year to come.  i am so looking forward to my 50th year, making changes & dreams come fly true.  i hope that all who read this find that their yule is bright with flame & warm with joy. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

what's going on in....

borrowing an idea from  earthenwitch (who borrowed it from suburban yogini), here is the hopeful list of whats-happening for december:  eldest grandchilds' 5th birthday party, baptism for two youngest grandchildren, sewing dress for littlest grandchild for said baptism, making 3 cross-stitch ornaments, one felt stocking, vanilla fudge (new recipe), baking cookies: santas'whiskers, molasses or french lace, & lebuchen (new recipe) for cut-outs.  also, buying an inexpensive ikea desk to facilitate deutsch lessons (self-taught), getting exercise routine more routine (oo--add meditation routine, to boot), finish knitting scarf, figure out how to post photos without daughters' constant assistance, review gordons' posts (there is so much to ponder & put-into-use), & explore blogger so i have a better understanding of what & how to post.  that's not much, is it?