Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I was in a bad mood yesterday

It was the worst sort of weather yesterday. Hot, humid, sticky...just plain nasty. Wasn't even close to being in the mood to sit at a laptop for even 5 minutes! It's not as hot today, but humid & it's beginning to sprinkle a little rain now.

So now I'm in the mood for 'neat!' this looks like such a neat idea.  So many colors to choose from, & not that much of a hassle.  This is a very good reason to buy a mandolin slicer.  A beer drinking frog (book contest) also ranks up there in the 'neat' category.  A most *awesome* story rounds out this looking forward to tonight, when the grandchildren are in bed, & the a/c is on, so that I can read the first few parts in peaceful enjoyment :)    

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Escapism for a rain-ish day

First, start by watching this.  Wonder why it seems that everyone else finds it so easy to post videos.....
Second, surf YouTube for this childrens' band. The children found the band Rammstein to be very nice people, when they opened for them in Denver.  Enjoy the smile this gives me........
Thirdly, skim over various recipes, such as this & this & this.  Realize that it has been going on 4 years since I've managed to get hold of some fresh rhubarb.....
Lastly, notice that the rain is ending, the water for dishes is heated through, & Grandchild #3 has almost nodded off to sleep.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One of those days......

The day started with Grandchild #2 puking (phlegm from his sinus'), all of the cats being clingy, the eldest cat ate something that he shouldn't have & spent the morning puking in various spots in the house.  By lunchtime, the cats were still clingy, the sick cat was still sick, & Grandchild #3 also decided her sinus' were making her ill, & she threw up.  It poured rain by afternoon, cancelling Grandchild #1s' soccer game.  By suppertime, all three grandchildren have sore sinus' (which hasn't lowered the noise level), the basement is getting damp from all of the rain & starting to smell, but the sick cat has gone upstairs to sleep off his sour stomach. 

For myself, this rain is making me tired.  The granddaughters' bedroom is still a mess, I still need to put away clean clothes for grandchildren, & all I want to do is go upstairs, bring iced tea with me, do some cross-stitch, watch the season-enders for NCIS & NCIS:LA, & really hope they have a *lot* of explosions.

No deep thoughts for this Tuesday, just an image & a song that gave me a smile. Hope they do for you, also.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's overcast, with rain off & on rest of the week....

& the soninlaw hasn't done a damn thing in the yard for 2 months (dog sht not cleaned up= no mowed lawn= haven't even started to prep the garden space).  While the seedlings are sprouting & pushing upwards, I am immensely frustrated that I can't get out & about.  Plus, sweet & goofy Big Dog was supposed to find another home, so I wouldn't have to scrounge up fencing (pleasing me & the landlady).  Short Dog doesn't have legs long enough to require fencing....lining up large containers for extra gardening space would solve that issue.  *But* that issue seems to have fallen by the wayside.....:/

So I am stuck with merely reading about other peoples' wonderful circumstance of actually having a garden, as opposed to having to fight every half-inch of the way for my little space....sigh......
Victoria's thinking about dry shade, Nancy's thinking about lilacs, VP has compost on her mind while The Gardeners Eden has visions of spring flowers & Dianna is working on Hugelkultur.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

First leaf sets are up!

Everything has sprouted, except the Spearmint & the Wild Rose (those two are thinking about it).  Cinnamon Basil, Mugwort, Marigold, Tomato, Basil, Lettuce mix, German Chamomile, Clove Pinks, Red Cabbage, Sunflower, & Cucumber have nicely made their presence known.  

What would help strengthen them would be grow-light, but I haven't been able to get one :/   Maybe this weekend.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things to do when ill....

The winds blew strong & the weather got damp. So, my sinus' got irritated with the whole idea of cooperation & I have had the worst kind of post-nasal drip all week.  Head is stuffy, balance is off, I've coughed so hard I've puked, &  my eyes are heavy with (generic) Ny-quil NiteTime Cough.  Yet, I can't sleep the day what to do to occupy a mind too tired to concentrate?

Well, there's the archives of 3 favorite online cartoons: Reds' Planet  ,  Holiday Wars  ,  & Wapsi Square  .
There is also the latest episodes of 2 of my favorite t.v. series: Castle & Grimm  .   However, when your mind is so fogged over, the slightest exertion (standing up) can result in a coughing spasm, & you don't even need to lay down...just closing your eyes for 15 mins. will do....then there's always Carmina Burana.