Tuesday, July 30, 2013


One of my favorite bloggers, lovely Laurie of I love a cloudy day , has a post of memories linked to doors. I've moved so often, that doors only mean 'new' & 'different'. What my memories are linked most to are growing things.

Hollyhocks are what my (late) paternal grandmother planted two rows of by the slope leading up to the top story of her barn. She told me that they were planted there to keep the hay truck drivers from missing the slope & ripping up her hill.

Joseph's Coat Rose lets me picture my grandmother's garden. She had 52 large old fashioned rose bushes & so many bearded iris in two rows that their perfume was almost overwhelming.

Both are memories of time decades past.  Before the birth of my daughter, before my move to Connecticut. 

The Sleeping Giant & East Rock overlooking New Haven remind me of when I first came to Connecticut, with a very young daughter.

Not so many images bring memories, anymore. Not so many reasons to feel rooted here, as home, this past twenty years.....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Creatures that freak out my daughter.

Because if you can't freak out your children, who else can you?
 1) crows #18, people.  *#18*!

 2)cute baby stingrays  These creeped her out so much, she couldn't watch the entire clip. *I* think they're adorable, & wish their 'legs' would evolve into legs.

 3)snakes  knock,knock!  Who's there?

 4)Peru  Peru is off the 'visit one day' list.

 5)rainforests Are we noticing a trend?

 6)She's not fond of Loas (opps....Laos), either.

 7)they're not even a spider !

Spoiled for choice I am :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The sky is blue,

...the sun is shining, but it's too damn hot & humid out! So I'm watching Aerial America, in this instance, Michigan .  (yea, it's for a different episode, but this one will be on later this week). I love watching this sort of shows. Just amazes me how it is filmed & edited. The closest I will get to flying ;)

I graduated from High School in Michigan. Still love the weather & the geography. It is one of, if not the most, beautiful state so far as I am concerned. Detroit gets a horrendous rap (much of which is ripely deserved), but I still love that city. The state, itself, has such potential to become a powerhouse of alternative/green technologies. To really make something of itself while leading the country in the uses of alternative energies/food productions. Yet, the citizens of said state can't seem to get their head out of their asses long enough to take advantage of what they have all around them.

Every election cycle, Detroit & suburbs want to swallow the bs line that (usually conservative) politicians will bring back the car companies, that 25 & 30 $$ hourly automotive jobs will return! Detroit, meanwhile, refuses to think outside of the box in ways to save & promote their city. Instead, specializing in electing crooks as mayor.  Enough to make me cry. & goes a long way to explaining why I don't feel comfortable in moving back.   *sigh*

& then there are the Waters....sand dunes , trees , water , lighthouses , Mackinaw bridge .  *sigh*

Saturday, July 13, 2013

2 Quotes, 1 Visual, #24

It's the middle of Summer Vacation Time.  Bookstores & websites have their Summer Reading Lists  published & pricing specials in place. While an absolutely wonderful read, 'Runelight' (Joanne Harris, sequel to 'Runemarks') is far too hefty, physically & emotionally, for beach or forest. My edition has 572 pages & weighs enough for a blunt instrument. The words so well entwine with each other, that pulling quotes out of context is nearly impossible. So, forewarned is forearmed ;)

Quote 1: "The words often sounded like nonsense to her, but there was wisdom in nonsense, she knew, if one could only fathom it; and as she watched the Fiery trail, she hummed a little rock-a-bye that had been on her mind since she awoke--a little rhyme that went all the way back to the Elder Age: See the Cradle rocking;   High above the town.;   Down come the Firefolk;   To bring the baby down.;   All the way to Hel's gate;   Firefolk are bound.;   Pucker-lips, a-pucker-lips,;   All fall down."  (page 84, paragraph 6)
   I do so enjoy the rhythm of poetry, when neatly inserted in a tale. I think it reflects my love of the rhymes associated with the Runes.

Quote 2: "Angie stroked his slimy mane. 'Hungry, darling? That's my boy.'  She smiled at Maddy.'My boys have always had a healthy appetite,' she said.  'Now come on, sweetheart, and take Maddy home.  You can catch a bite on the way.' "    (page 160, paragraph 7)
   Angie = Angrboda. Can you picture Her children?  Once more, that dry sense of humor that so appeals to my memory. It was rough going, sticking to only two quotes.  Pages 99 & 231 were very close runner-ups.

1 Visual: "The two birds disappeared at once, to be replaced by two tattered figures, one lounging on the ottoman, one perched on the bed.  To Maddy they looked almost identical, but for the difference in gender and size, and the  broad streak of white in the girl's long hair.  Both were dressed in shiny black, in a fabric that might have been feathers or silk, but which somehow resembled neither.  Their hair was wild and tangled, and they both wore a great deal of silver jewelry- rings on every finger, bracelets stacked halfway up each arm- earrings that jangled with feathers and bells; strings and strings of gleaming jet beads."   (page 105, paragraph 14)
   mmm---Sweet vision of Huginn & Munnin. The bracelets would drive me nuts, but I would love to find such earrings!

Upon my shelves sit 'Runemarks' & 'Runelight'.  No question that this pair will move wherever I do.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Air that Strangles

...is getting to me & this blog is suffering for it. Amazingly, this post is quite timely.  After answering those questions, it would help to figure out how to use this desk  top correctly....but all that I want to do is surf the 'net & daydream over sewing blogs!

I received two 'the random generator loves me' prizes in the mail yesterday. As soon as I figure out how to upload my pics, I will.

Next up is finishing a knit scarf/wrap.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Fireworks are on my mind today. I love them...the noise, the colors...everything about them.

Fireworks to color or use as an embroidery pattern.

Fireworks all over pinterest .

Fireworks science .

Fireworks history .

Fireworks displays put on locally. 2 or 3 to choose from. But, a young grandchild who is still nervous about loud noises means it will be next year before we all will go to any. For this year, it will be sparklers on the front steps.