Thursday, October 16, 2014

Magaly's Blooming Howls

Lovely & wild Miss Magaly is throwing a party! Witches in Fiction 2014 is live :) Blooming Howls is roaring away.  I am much more of a visual person (esp. when reading) &, unfortunately, not much of a writing type person.  However, Magaly, & my dreaming fox, rise what little verbal skills I have to the top.

Here are my few words, inspired by a sleeping fox & howling winds:

                                                      red fox dreaming wild
                                               gold fire blazing ears twitch as
                                                   blooming howls wake loud
Joining my few words, a wee felt fox:
(sorry for the background, but I wanted him to show up & I work with what I have ;)  )    

The back shadow fox is a much darker red & grey instead of white. The shadow eye is
 a blazing star. Will the dream howling be enough to wake the dreamer?