Saturday, September 7, 2013

That really big place up North

that American media seems to ignore: Canada.  There are big cities ( Toronto), along with the woods & forests.  Toronto, Vancouver, & Calgary continue to rank high on livability

British Columbia even has a Sasquatch or two! Surely this would attract American audiences. But, no, only the Calgary floods got a bit of national notice (while they were happening, rebuilding & recovery seems too boring for we southerners).

Quite a few TV shows have been, & are, filmed in Canada, including Defiance & SiberiaCaillou , Little Bear , & Rolie Polie Olie  are some of the educational cartoons produced in Canada. Granted, the jury may be out on how educational a show about a whiny spoiled bald headed child really is.

I hope to visit Canada soon. If not this year, then next. I have tried to finish this post properly for the past 4 days, but my concentration isn't up to par. There is a medical issue (not That Serious, but serious enough) I need to take care of first. So I'm taking time off to deal with it. Back mid-October!