Sunday, January 29, 2012

(New Year, New You) Some Enchanted Evening

  Things are beginning to settle.  Territories are beginning to gel.  Divination is moving apace.  A few finishing touches will be finalized for two spaces.  However, more to do be done, to elevate workings to a more interactive level.  Updates coming for this prompt.

(Update) Relax Don't Do It

(A New Year, New You update)  Surely I'm not the only one to take January off to recover from Yuletide! ;)
   For me, the holiday season starts with Grandchild #2s' birthday in late October, & doesn't end until (approx.) 6 January.  So I take the next 2-3 weeks 'off' rest, to put Yule away, work on unfinished needlework (always one or two left over).   The morning after my birthday (31 January) starts my year for me. 
   I've spent these past two weeks cross-stitching & reading fiction. I've finished cleaning out my closet & getting rid of fluff not used this past year.  I've decided on some patterns & fabric to update my wardrobe appropriately (still looking for a blouse & a shirt pattern.....).  I'm finalizing goals (mundane & magical) to intertwine nicely.  Looking forward to my 2012 :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This just cheered me up no end

The only way I tolerate pink to any extent is on flowers.  This song  has cheered me up no end. It makes me want to dance :)

Not feeling in the flow

This past two weeks, I have been stuck in some vague sort of foggy muck.  Tired, intestinal ickiness, lack of motivation, a bit short-tempered.  Similar to Magaly, but not for the same base reason.  I have come to the realization that while my primary long-term goal for this year remains apt, the location needs changing.  This hasn't changed my short-term goals...they're just as's just kind of taken the wind out of my sails. 
The weather isn't helping. We finally get snow & it warms up so much the next day that half of it is melted away the next 24 hours! It feels like spring out :/
I'm also a year ahead of myself. I just knew that I was going to be 52 end of this month, but, looking upon the calender, it's only 51.  I have also been remembering a few dreams lately.  Nothing earth-shattering, but consistent with the idea that end-goal has been moved.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GardenStone has a blog :)

The author of a favorite book...Gottin Holle...has a blog! The Germanic Goddesses get short thrift, in general, so I am well pleased to see them in print :) 'Der Nerthus-Anspruch' is my next buy!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(New Year, New You) Some Enchanted Evening

    This weeks' prompt is to dig into the magic & let it flash.  In my case, I'm halfway to sitting up the prosperity altar, halfway to beginning to converse with my Ancestors (oh...such mind baggage I've given myself to shovel through), 3/4 of the way to a solid meditation practice. 
     Being a wee bit freaky about having a thoroughly ordered working space, tonight I finish the physical set-up, so I can sit out my salts (fairly certain that I have found a few spots where grandchildren will not spill &/or eat same), consecrate my prosperity altar, & clear a space for a honey jar (maybe two, for symmetrical balance).  However, as my little under the table job left for Las Vegas in the autumn, I, literally have no spending money at hand.  I live with my daughter, helping with the grandchildren, but it is hard to explain to a blinkered child why I need the honey & etc. So, it might be until the end of January, when birthday money will come in, before I actually complete this altar. 
     My blood Ancestors...well...there are some strong people there, good people, but 'muggle' doesn't begin to describe them.  Like-minded Ancestors...still contemplating this idea, researching.
     I am actually pleased with meditation, for where it stands it will be going strong by Spring.  However, now that I've read around other Charmers' goals, mine seem boring in comparison, & rather on the milquetoast side of things. So, I will be adding a bit by next week...after I have my altar set up more.  Starting a new-er goal with one not completed drives me nuts.....;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My go-to Etsy shop for delicious jewelry.... having a Facebook giveaway.  Sillycut is hosting & all you need to do is like her page!  From everyday to special's all there!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

(NewYear, New You prompt) Relax, Don't do it...

     Being fairly certain  it's Wednesday (this entire week I've been a day ahead...), I am taking this prompt to heart & relaxing a bit by spending the week nights working cross stitch.  A very soothing, calming practice for helps engage the ADD into a focused activity while pleasing the eye with colour changes.
    However, by Saturday I will be finishing up the closet & rearranging the exercise room to be more efficient.  Just reading a letter from sister #1 & her ability to downsize is pushing me into doing more...which is a good thing!
    Another good thing will be the plastics up on one bedroom window this afternoon. Damn..but it was cold in there yesterday afternoon!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Kind of a New Years' post

     I read the new year/January 1st posts & think, 'How lovely these people are that can remember enough about the previous year to be able to write about it!'  An example of such a post is Gordons'. In reading it, it strikes me that, for 2011, I have precious few Firsts to note, & even fewer Seconds. 
     There are a few Firsts: getting my first e-pattern, sewing off a Burda-style pattern, putting up curtains in the this bedroom, Grandchild #1 off to first grade.  There are even fewer Seconds:  pleasure of gardening.......& that's about it.  2011 was like being stuck in nearly frozen molasses.  I shall take pains to insure that 2012 isn't the same!