Wednesday, June 29, 2011

instead of buying a garden journal....

a good third of the way through the growing season, it suddenly occurred that i should have been taking notes...notes on what grew best where, weather conditions, harvest quantities, etc.  this because it seems that the wet spring we had has encouraged earlier blooming for the chamomile, basil, & mugwort.  yet the bloom for the chamomile doesn't seem as heavy, just earlier.
i also had tomato rot last season. this season i used 'stop rot' for the time leading up to fruiting. not as much as i had hoped to as the weather was just too wet. am also using 'seven' this season on the cukes & cabbages. still waiting to see if this does anything to stop whichever little bastard is eating my cabbages!
the cucumbers didn't like the tomato trellis i put up for them to crawl on. john the postman pointed out that some of his cukes liked to climb & some didn't.  will try a finer mesh trellis next year as just letting the vines sprawl out takes up way too much space in the wee patch.
i promise myself that i will find my camera this weekend so that my daughter can help me load photos next week. promise....tues. for blogthought, weds. for garden.  am thinking that am occasional post on crafts, or maybe Craft later on.....we'll see.

day late but not a dollar short

am probably way too excited over what i have just discovered: cucumber jelly, courtesy of dabblings and whimsy.  *this* is what i will be doing this weekend. along with giving more dedication to finding the camera i misplaced in this apartment easter sunday past.  i even have coupons to cut down buying the few supplies i will need :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

damn, we're raising a nation of boneheaded idiots

holy fuck. powered by osteons has a post worthy of a migraine. that only 2 of 51 contestants support teaching the scientific theory of evolution is appalling. the loss of the ability to apply critical thinking bodes tragic for this country.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my type of inspiring

when oprah winfrey was winding down her t.v. show, when everyone & their media handler was waxing eloquent over oprah-the-inspiration, i didn't join in. granted, oprah inspires countless thousands, just not me. the type of person who inspires me is  one who lives in a small apartment with a small terrace, gardening & foraging in new york city.  a person who can  see greening possibilities in the middle of a huge cement & asphalt urban icon is a fascinating person.  66 square feet is someone i would love to have lunch with (even if the toxins from the car exhaust whacked my lungs a good one).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


there is a neat little giveaway going on at over at sleepy king involving a sweet little fox.  :)

chicks ahoy! (soonly)

one day in the near future, i hope, i will be able to keep a small flock of chickens.  i even have my preferred breeds halfway picked out! until then, thought, there is purple podded peas...she sat some eggs under a friends' broody hen & withing the next 48 hours.....anticipation! excitement!