Tuesday, March 8, 2011

tuesday blog thought: my father & chickpeas

the other day this luscious soup was posted in one of my favorite cooking blogs, the wednesday chef  
it features one of my favorite beans, chickpeas (a/k/a: garbanzo beans), plus the crunch of croutons. yum! this is one soup which can't go wrong.  the recipe also brings back a father-memory: whenever my dad goes up to a salad bar there are certain things which are always on his plate. one of which is chickpeas.  not too many, just enough for a small mouthful. every time,the same amount of chickpeas remain on his plate, to be scrapped off into the trash at the end of the meal.  i asked once why he takes something he knows he doesn't like & he replied "because i might like them this time.".  i didn't ask how he would know if he liked the chickpeas this time if he hadn't eaten at least one of them...

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