Wednesday, May 18, 2011

jeseez....forgot again!

i love maps---the older the better. i'm not to good at following them, but i adore looking at them nonetheless.  combine history with a map & it's double happiness.  history is some of the best storytelling around & vegplotting is doing a really neat abc of chippenham (u.k.) presently (along with wonderful gardens, public plantings, & the occasional book review). read & enjoy!


  1. hi! i am not even planting a garden this year. just a few herbs. we are inundated with stink bugs in our area and i refuse to give them anything to eat. last year they destroyed my gardens and i hardly got anything out of them. so, this year i am skipping planting one and hoping the bug go elsewhere to eat. our farmers have lost half of their crops do to this damn bugs!

  2. is there nothing feasible to get rid of the nasty little things?