Thursday, September 22, 2011

wet garden!

almost autumn, & the mugginess has it feeling like the beginning of august! plenty of rain, though, to keep the pumpkin happy.  given how late the seedling took root, it's doubtful there will be pumpkins in time for jack o' lanterns. but there should be enough for pies & roasting :) 
the red cabbage are as big as they're going to get, so will be cutting them this weekend.  the marigold & hedge petunia have finally met thier end for this season.
the second growth of mugwort has seeded.  the spearmint is slowing down its' spread.
put in 3 burgundy mums this monday past. hopefully, next season i will have enough marigold seedlings to put in staggered planting & have no need for mums!

1 comment:

  1. this sounds like heaven to me,, my garden days are past,, no longer in the house,, I garden in my dreams,,