Thursday, October 27, 2011

late october...last garden post for the year, methinks!

being as there is 3 grandchildren in the household, there will be 3 jack o' lanterns carved. per request of grandchild #1, seeds have been saved from her pumpkin.  seeds will, therefore, be saved from the (smaller) pumpkin of grandchild #2.  am hoping that daughter will pick up a small white or pie pumpkin for grandchild #3 (who, as yet, is too little to protest the size).  granted, there is only minute space in the wee patch, but i will still try to put in 3 pumpkins.

grandchild #1 also requests lavender to be grown in 'her' garden. i have 2 containers..the smaller will be for a lavender seedling or two. the taller one i will try a clematis & a patio rose. other flowers set are: marigold (day of the dead), carnation, & hedge petunia.

herbs set are: mugwort, basil, german chamomile, spearmint, peppermint, bergamot

veggies set are: tomatoes, lettuce, pickling cucumber, cabbage, .....


  1. Maybe I should try growing lavender in a container. I can't have any worse luck with lavender than I have had already.

  2. I grew lavender in a container this year for the first time. I have some in my garden, but had to move one, and tried it in a large pot. It seemed very happy there. I just hope it over-Winters well.

    I can't wait to plan the gardens for next year!