Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Now that the absolute lunacy of Black Friday...

...is over, it's time for the next peculiarly American nonsense: the holiday screeching associated with wishing people 'Merry Christmas'.  Jason has an absolutely wonderful post on this subject (the entire post is wonderful, skim halfway down to the 'Merry Christmas' part). 
        In all seriousness, the American way of democratizing religion is not to give all minority traditions equal sway with the majority, but to allow all people to decide for themselves what spiritual tradition to follow, & to do so, so long as practicing said faith doesn't include murder, animal cruelty, &/or coercing minors.  
        When pressed (& backed into a corner) I inform questioners that, after 15 odd years, I gave up Christianity for Lent.  I have no particular interest in resuming attendance at any Catholic or Christian church. However, that doesn't stop me from understanding & appreciating the cultural contributions Christianity has given this country.  Nor does it stop me from wanting to bake a stupid amount of cookies, prevent grandchild #3 from assaulting the Tree, discourage grandchild #2 from turning the Tree lights on/off repeatedly, or attempt to distract grandchild #1 from snitching on #2 & #3 ad infinitum.
         Also, "Merry Christmas".

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