Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednedsday post, which I forgot to post...

My newest tarot deck came in. So excited! We're having out 'get to know you' Saturday evening.  I would like to use my incense. I recently dumped my stick incense as the charcoal used to bind was getting to be too much for myself & my daughter.  Now I have restocked with no/low smoke charcoal & resins. Which is lovely, except for one thing.....I can't get the charcoal lit hot enough to burn the resin! *What* am I doing wrong?!  I use matches, lit long enough to get sparks going, but then, once the sparks fade, the charcoal is only heated long enough (& only on one corner) to burn 2 minutes, tops!   AARRGGHHHHHH.....


  1. Use a sugar tongue or fork and hold it over a candle for a few moments. Should do the trick.

  2. I think tarot cards are some of the most beautiful art.
    Can't help you with th other, I have severe sensitivities and couldn't be in the room with any insence at all.

  3. Thanks, Diandra! I'll try that tonight :)
    Yea, I keep my windows cracked for air circulation & only burn a small amount at a time. Resins are OK (copal, frankincense, dragons' blood) but the charcoal-based sticks/cones or the loose incense (dried herbs) smoke *way* too much for me to be around.

  4. Charcoals come with attitude. I've tried different brands over the years and sometimes even the same brand doesn't act the same way. Not a lot of help, huh? I usually just relight it *sigh*

    Enjoy your cards!