Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What sweetness blooms in my darkness

*waves hello furiously* to the wonderful participants in Magaly's All Hallows Grim 2013

While some may insist on the dark/scary & light/good, I find that light & dark complement each other with their presence. Candle flame burns brighter against darkness while the moon's glow throws velvet darkness into sharp context.  That sentence comes close to the feelings in my heart (that also, life sustaining heartbeats work best within the comforting folds of a darkened interior).  Since words do not always match my thoughts, I present what represents the sweetness I find within my darkness.

This little felt pot is for my sweet Darkness, comfortably held within my heart. (Sorry about the photo quality...lighting really sucks in this apartment!)

Lift the lid, &, most especially during All Hallow's, I find the three candles representing Guidance (from the seasons, from the winds, from the ancestors...black, white, red).
Guidance is followed neatly by Pumpkin, for prosperity of mind & body.
Prosperity is always sweetened when Company is there to enjoy it. (Sugar skull decorations are all well & good, but sometimes there floats in a more Masculine air, which prefers simplicity in adornment)
Wisdom flies out, to join the company. There are times where Guidance & Company champion themselves far too loudly, & Wisdom is there to help settle matters ;)
Last, but never least, Bat brings good luck! Good luck for this year coming & bestest luck for all who welcome him with open arms!

This, then is the Sweetness within my Darkness. :)


  1. The sweet, sweet, sweet treasures within your darkness. Light, warmth, wisdom, companionship, abundance... so many wonderful things. The darkness holds so much light and goodness, all we need to do is look ;-)

  2. Oh I love your treasure pot filled with such lovely creations and meanings. I hope Batty brings you much luck, an old family saying is 'Better to born lucky than rich' money can run out but if you are lucky in life you'll always find something comes up when you need it too.

    1. Thank you! I totally agree. Luck is much handier to have around :)

  3. Oh this is so crafty and love the idea of the candle and moon's glow as a sweetener to the dark, how insignificant they would seem without its embrace. Love your creative results inspired by the party too, awesome results :)

  4. Your words ring so true. Without the dark we less appreciate and even do not notice the light. I was out last night appreciating the beautiful moon shining against silver clouds, During the bright day I could not have experienced that.
    Wonderful felt pot you have there and so many rich treasures it holds.

    1. Thank you so much! Grandchild #3 always happily points out 'Lady Moon' whenever she is out & about in the evening.