Friday, March 21, 2014

Oma Linda's Hues of Oz

Ah...The Wizard of Oz. One of my all time favorite reads, in all of it's incarnations. When I first read of the Hues theme the first color that popped in was Ruby. Those Ruby Slippers, which, as those who have read the book know full well, are actually Silver Slippers.

Which lead to my second thought: other than the iconic Ruby Slippers, an image forever linked with Oz are those Flying Monkeys. Who, by the way, Oma Linda, have a bum rap. They may look frightening, but they aren't scary. They are, instead, controlled by a cap. Whoever possesses the cap, controls the monkeys. Since the Wicked Witch has the cap, they reflect her meanness. Once Dorothy had the cap, she nicely returned it to the head Flying Monkey & they went on their way. is my take on these iconic images of Ruby & Flying Monkey:

Please note the pleasant expression, waiting to hear from You Who Possesses The Cap. Also, please note that the reason these Monkeys developed wings is because they have two left feet!

Also, along with Ruby that was Silver, Flying Monkeys who weren't scary, there is the Emerald City which wasn't Emerald. Well, no more than any other city (to paraphrase the Wizard of Oz). The City itself is just a City with Emerald Walls surrounding it. Every one who enters it is required to wear green eyeglasses before passing through the walls. Hence, 'Emerald City'. Just one more of the Wizard's Humbugs. 

Which thought lead to this:    Silver 'neath ruby,
                                                Green glasses mask ordinary
                                                Shifting eyesight/thought.


  1. How precious and adorable he is!!! A wonderful entry to celebrate The Hues of Oz!!!

    Please feel free to stop-by and see my entry :))


  2. I love your finely crafted flying monkey. Yes, I agree that many things are not what they were written to be in most folks minds when it comes to Oz. The movie adaptation has formed so many misconstrued notions for those of us who grew up on the books but that also is what makes Oz so many things to so many folks. One thing we all have in common is a love for a fabulous storyline. I read not long ago that there are as many stories about Oz as there are people who love it. I believe that that is a truthful statement.
    You have graced us with a wonderful addition to Hues of Oz and for that I am so very appreciative. So Hues to you my dear, Oma Linda

  3. I'm a fan of the monkey's, but I didn't know they had 2 left feet!
    Dorothy has the cap of your smiling juicy red monkey! Hmm??
    What cap will I wear today?
    I enjoyed my visit to your magical OZ! xoxoDebi

  4. I have always had a soft spot for the flying monkeys.
    You can tell they are not evil.
    What a beautiful creation you have made and loved the poem.

  5. Oh your flying monkey is absolutely darling! I have always wondered why the screen writers made the monkeys so evil. They weren't like that in the book. What a great contribution to the hop.


  6. Ohhh I love your ruby monkey! Someone needs to have an expose: Truth About Oz! LOL In either case, both are wonderful stories! Thanks for having me!

  7. Ruby Monkey who walks on love. I adore the reasons for the wings, and the fact that if the monkey did walk, it would do so on hearts.

    Happy Hues of Oz!

  8. Wonderful looking monkey! I was never frightened by the monkeys. It was the Fighting Trees that terrified me! Fly, my pretties, fly!!!

  9. Darling monkey! I am so glad you are a monkey supporter! Thanks for sharing :0)

  10. Gorgeous ruby monkey I am converted to flying monkey love!

  11. hahaa! The explanation for why the flying monkeys developed wings must now go down as canonic Ozian myth!

  12. Thank you all :) Still thinking of a name for him.

  13. Your flying monkey is adorable! Cleverly created.
    Yes, the Flying Monkey's were definitely not something a person forgets in the Land of Oz....but they were nice if used by a nice person.
    It's all in who one hangs around with in the Land of Oz.
    Two left feet, what a riot!

    Monkey see, Monkey do! Maybe a good name for your Monkey!

    Like you said, it was all about who controlled the cap, as they controlled the monkeys!

    Teresa in California

  14. Very interesting! Love what you wrote ;o) Your flying monkey is too cute! Love him! Have fun at the party ;o)

  15. 4yrold Grandchild #3 has claimed monkey & named her 'Juana'.

  16. WE Promise if Juana were to fly here, the Witch Sisters would share the Cap and do only Good Deeds! They would even buy her only the finest organic bananas and build Juana her very own bed for Jumping! Everyone knows Flying Monkeys Love to jump on beds! Wonderful Creation!!!

  17. Love your ruby flying monkey! Wish I could have participated this year, but maybe next! ~tina

  18. What fun! Your monkey is so cute, glad someone gives them an A+!

  19. Bother! I missed this. How the heck did I miss this? *pouts* What a wonderful Hues of Oz post. I love the monkey! As for the Emerald City, I've always wanted to make a Dorothy doll in her white dress and green goggles. A little bit steampunky, a little bit winged monkey. Thank you for visiting my doll blog and yes, Oliver will have very shiny shoes!