Friday, November 12, 2010


this happened this morning: was sitting in a pub-like setting (background was indistinct, but there were others in the background, it was enclosed, lit brightly, & had a congenial feel) on pew seating. a female friend (never distinct) & i were setting together, a bench table, & then a male seated opposite on another pew/bench.  the male was defined, & was someone i knew of well, as did many others (i knew his name, was surprised to see him, & thrilled, but as i was woken early in the a.m., my memory of his name is gone).  his conversation was very earnest & sincere. he needed to see my areola, it was most urgent, as this would tell him how to fit the ______(memory blanks out here, it was a specific article, that i thought ludicrous as it didn't seem to matter the size of my areola to be fitted for this specific item).  i imagined lifting my shirt, wondering how he could tell the size accurately through a lacy bra cup). laughing with my friend, i decided i would do as he asked, just for a lark, even though i thought he must be joking. when i turned back to him, ready to lift my shirt, his face was turned away, someone else had caught his attention, & i was momentarily taken aback--thought i had missed this opportunity....then i woke up.  jaw is a little stiff with night-tension this a.m.


  1. dreams!!! go figure...i have the most bizarre dreams! chows were guard dogs. foo dogs were fashioned after them. teddy's guard dog genes are alive and well.

  2. hi! i remembered the part about the foo dogs. people underestimate chows ability to guard their territory. a fluffy coat does not preclude a stout heart!