Tuesday, November 9, 2010


       for the first time in *decades* i heard an eldritch noise. this time i made note of what i was thinking on.  today, while exercising, i was contemplating relating threads of thought.  i need to rearrange my day-workings to accomplish more, room needs cleaning, Frigga vs. Hulda.  are they related? same? Frigg is norse, Hulda/Holle is german.  i hesitate to commit to Dame Holle as she intimidates me, given my lack of organization & housekeeping skills.  it occurs to me that i react the same to the study of tarot.  Dame Holle & tarot calls me to me, but they both require work. tarot due to learning disabilities, Dame Holle better organization on a consistent basis.  is this an american thing? this turning away from paths which require work?  how shameful!
     in addition, this morning i was looking through a fb friends' album she posted on a walk through the woods. the photos which resonated with me the most were the ones which featured water--whether a still puddle or a creek. not oceans but smaller bodies of water. Dame Holle & the well is what occurred to me. 
     then is when i heard the eldritch noise.  it came from my bedroom & sounded like a large metal pot, metal kitchen tools klanging together & falling.  two of the three cats in my bedroom leaped to the top of the stairs.  it's time to pay more attention to Dame Holle, & tarot.

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