Thursday, August 4, 2011

last of spring/summer herbs

the chamomile was cut down yesterday. the stems were yellowing green & the flowers were noticeably smaller with fringed petals. this morning i pulled the last of the basil. will use it with the latest ripened tomatoes.
the more i read about tomatoes the more i realize i'm going to have to move them around next season.
the cabbages & pumpkin are being horribly munched by pests.  sprayed them thoroughly with 'safer'.
not pleased with how the tomatoes are growing. they are far too leggy & not producing enough fruit. will try pruning them tonight before watering.  the leaves are also curling & looking dried.

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  1. I think this sickening heat is hard on everything, sorry to hear about the tomatoes,I love following your garden journey,, I miss my garden,,