Thursday, August 11, 2011

soggy garden

we got a heavy-rainy day tuesday. the patch is still damp. the pumpkin is putting up 4 new leaves, so i think it's here to stay. the cabbage didn't mind the rain, but the tomatoes are looking wilty. i forgot to order heirloom seeds, so my daughter picked up seedlings from the local home depot. i'm not pleased with the way the fruits are ripening..very staggered & oddly in layers...majority in the mid section of the plant. the top is mostly leggy stems. i won't forget to order next season!
hopefully, within the next week local nurseries will have mums & seedlings out :)


  1. Oh, I just saw the first mums today! I almost bought some, but there weren't any pretty orange or rust colored ones. Just purple or yellow. I like the Autumn colors.

  2. In Germany, we have had a very wet summer so far -- and not too much of summer is left now... Thus my pumpkins look sad. :(

    Over at Rue's blog you left such a nice comment regarding me winning her tarot deck. That was so sweet of you -- thanks! :)

  3. i'm waiting for mums, also. eldest grandchild is fond of flowers & i want to put some in for her.

    ah..that's a pity about the pumpkins, birgit :(