Monday, April 16, 2012

Heineken sponsoring dog-fighting!

Notice, please, the prominent Heineken banners!! I don't care if the fight is legal in the country where it is set, dog-fighting is 10 steps beyond cruel....torture, in fact.  As a world-wide company, I expect Heineken to take a strong step against such inhumane activities as a matter of corporate responsibility. 

      I have already sent my email in protest of this crass, money-grubbing act of blood-money, & will be boycotting Heineken products until the company very publicly announces that they will no longer sponsor same.  I strongly urge everyone, who stands against such activity, to do the same: 


  1. Have you ever thought maybe the dog fighters are sponsoring Heineken? I mean seriously, do you really think a well known company such as Heineken would sponsor this garbage? I highly doubt it! Before I make an accusation such as this, I would not jump to conclusions over a photo posted on the web and Facebook, that some creepo thought was an idea of a good time. Please remember dog fighting is illegal, and If you look carefully the flags are strategically hung over a possible dance floor that was could have been made into a makeshift fighting rink. Which leads me to conclude that this place is normally a bar, or club that is sponsored by Heineken because they normally sell beer during business hours, and some irresponsible neanderthal of a bar owner decided to close shop for some illegal activities. Yes dog fighting is downright cruel, and disgusting, but please check your resources before making accusations like this. I highly doubt a well established company such as Heineken would sponsor this filth. Like I said, do not believe everything you see, looks can be very deceiving!

    1. Actually, issa, it wouldn't surprise me at all to that a large company, such as Heineken, involved in a highly competitive business, would be involved in sponsoring such activities if it meant getting more profit than their competitors. Sweatshop operators count on this to stay in business, why shouldn't fight operators?
      Seems rather foolish of the bar/club owner to have a fight on a dance floor. I should think that it would ruin the floor.....

  2. I have sent an email as well inquiring and gotten a response of them denying it and asking to foreword any information on where and when this happened to them. Maybe as the person above says, it was a bar or place where the signage was in place, not to sponsor the fighting but for some other purpose.

    Although it does need to be checked out. Because dog fighting is not illegal in every country and if they are sponsoring a fight in some far off land, where it happens to be legal, they need to come clean and be punished for choosing to sponsor such a inhumane event!

  3. The word gullible has been removed from the dictionary too! read around a little before you bang out angst ridden emails prompted by internet chain mail.

  4. I hope this isn't true, but it should definitely be investigated. Either way, you're to be commended for standing up for the dogs. And even if people think it's jumping to conclusions, there's a nicer way to say it.

  5. Dog fighting is illegal in the Unites States of America, which this is not located in. I have contacted the company directly to hear their response. It is only fair to hear both sides of the story before jumping to assumptions.

  6. You know, I don't care of legality or where the abuse is going, it is just wrong. It would be like watching as a person whips another and looking the other way, just because int that country/place/shithole an individual can inflict punishment to another. Sorry, if I don't make a lot of sense, I just get angry at this kind of stuff.

  7. I have just seen this on my fb page and want to say that I doubt very much hieneken would sponsor such a crule barbaric sport...however been a multi million pound company have now been implicated!!Put some of their profit now into getting this disgusting sport erradicated!...I'm damn sure they would be willing to stand up against it...