Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June sucks.

Although May was a little iffy, this month of June is horrendous.  Nothing else can describe it.   The one think that I was looking forward to this year was a garden, & the chances to work with new herbs & cookery.  However, the weather was so muggy & hot where I have space to start seeds (have the past 2 years successfully)  that 1/3 of the seeds molded to start.  Then,  when I did have extra cash to add a fence to keep out soninlaws' large dog, I was told not to as said dog was going to be re-homed with an owner who had the energy to match Rileys'.      Which didn't happen. So now I needed containers, packing peanuts (for drainage), soil, etc.  It looked like this would happen, but, the person who was helping me with this process decided that, as gardens aren't her thing, she would rather save for a vacation.  By the time I found this out, the other seedlings had died from (I'm not sure).

Nor have I had time to sew.  At all.  A nasty creepy fog of stagnation is taking hold. The sadness & frustration is giving over to anger.  Time to get myself shaken out of the doldrums: time to make myself road worthy.   I am starting by going in just the opposite direction.  I'm giving my mind & heart a break by reading 'Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch' (Sally Bedell Smith) & watching 'Queen Victorias' England'.   The next step is to dust off my exercise room, & then get my compass out for Penna. Dutch sigils, alongside the usual....

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  1. I should start by saying that I'm extremely jealous you have an exercise room to dust off. I wish, I wish, I wish...

    That does suck about the garden ;-( I have finally been able to plant a few things. I began too late (they were fixing our terrace) so I had to start with plants. It is looking okay, but NY has been very hot these last few days, so fingers crossed.

    I hope things get better. Sew something and show it off ;-)