Saturday, July 7, 2012

Too hot to think....

Still working on getting photos to upload properly.  Hopefully, later tonight! In the meantime, one of my all-time favorite authors is blog-hopping in support of her newest book 'Troll or Derby'.  Great read, & I'm not the only one to think so!  

Day 3                      Day 2 (I think)     Day 1    


  1. My freaking gods, I'm boiling up!

  2. its warm, good luck with the photos, stay cool,

  3. Wow, that is high praise. I shall endeavor to live up to that!

    Yes! I am blog-hopping. Sorta. It's a blog book tour, which is something like that. Only maybe not. Wow, I sure am good at this writing thing, aren't I? ;)

    Here's a link to the whole schedule:

    Thanks so much for your support. This entry just made my night. :)