Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kreativ Blogger

So, I was most flattered & very surprised that Magaly gifted me with a Kreativ Blogger award. As accepting this award, I am to post 7 random 'facts' about myself (which truly goes against the grain).
    1) The only nickname I've ever had is 'freak of nature'.  A nod to an ability to read widely, synthesize, & replay appropriate parts as needed.
     2) I learned how to milk a dairy goat when I was just out of high school.
     3)While I don't need a dustfree environment, I do require an orderly one.
     4)Counted cross-stitch calms me down quicker than anything else.
     5)Catnip is my Valium.
     6)I'm a natural light blonde who spent many of my younger years wishing that I was a natural           auburn.
     7)My favorite escapist tv programming is 'Midsomer Murders' & live coverage of natural disasters.


  1. its great to learn about our blogging friends you are a very interesting person my dear!!!

  2. Great to know some more about you ;o)

  3. Hot damn, and there I was thinking I was the only "Freak of Nature"

  4. We freaks of nature are rarer than natural redheads!