Thursday, September 27, 2012

Knitting & etc.

The weather is becoming more Autumnal.  Which lends itself nicely to knitting
Lion Brand yarn pattern 'Red Riding Hoods' Hooded Scarf' worked in Forest Green Wool-Ease.

The weather gets interesting in early Autumn, as well.
It doesn't show up near as bright as the sun was, when it rose Monday.  The colour was such an intense red that I thought a spotlight was on.
Just to the left of the bright red sunrise was this lovely rainbow.  10 minutes later, we got the shower that produced it.


  1. wow, what a sot, just amazing!!

  2. well I meant shot, not sot, I have no idea what a sot is, lol, my fingers have a mind of their own, but this gives me the opportunity to say I love the look and name of the scarf what a great color!!!!

  3. I just got a few pairs of pants, one is the same green as your yarn and they feel sooo soft. I got them because they reminded me of fall ;-)