Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's October Contest time!

Some online friends are having wonderful Halloween themed giveaways. The  Laughing Vixen has started her yearly extravaganza.  Samhains Sirens have started singing in chorus, with giveaways, recipes, & more.  Spooky tales rule at the Pagan Culture Grims giveaway. Over at Heksebua , Linda has blog-hunt contest running.  When I won on of her competitions I received a beautiful painting that she created. :)  Lyns' witches are flying in for the month. The ever-amazing Red Tash is hosting the Hoosier Horror.  Plus, Jen Rue has a sweet book giveaway.  Check them out :)


  1. you certainly know how to party harty!!! Lots of good stuff!!

  2. If I don't win, it would be nice to see someone I know do it. :)