Thursday, March 7, 2013

Done moved, for the most part.

Most of the stuff is here. However, until my armoire is put together, I can't empty a few bins/boxes, so everything is wooper-jawed at the moment.

Grandchildren #1 & #2 have started at their new school.  Although the Principal is not happy that an out of district kindergartener has been registered to her school.  Her unhappiness with the situation  did not come close to my daughters' unhappiness with her attitude.  I found the principal to be rude, condescending, & class-ist.  The school itself is a lovely one, however, the kindergarten teacher was very nice & tried to reassure poor pale Grandchild #2.  Grandchild #1 is excited. So long as that principal doesn't say or do anything to upset them, I will regard her at arms' length. 

The landlord/lady seem pleasant enough, although whoever painted, finished the bathroom floor, & the kitchen cabinets was *lazy*, to put it politely.  The animals are settling in, the kids are settling in, once this weekend is over & my storage is put up, then I will settle in as well, I'm sure.

Friday edit: Snow day for the kids as school was cancelled due to weather. The principal hasn't said anything further about Eli not attending her school.  Daughter called Ms. Rodriguez & explained what the principal had said (Who is this Rodriguez? I've never heard of her!) . This irritated Ms. Rodriguez, who said that this isn't how things are done & she would call the  principal immediately.  We shall see what Monday brings.......


  1. You handled the situation with more restraint than I think I could have. After years of working for the State, I have little tolerance for people who go into "helping professions" and then proceed to make life difficult for others. How do people with attitudes like that get hired when there are so many good candidates needing employment. Hope she has the sense to leave her attitude at home around the kids. Having to relocate with kids is enough to deal with. Hope you are able to settle in and make it feel like home soon.

  2. I wish I could have you over for tea because lady I think you could use a break! Whew, so much work, and I think that Principle may have messed with the wrong family, you sound like you can handle her and have her number, lol, .Take it easy, don't push too hard,

  3. Power hungry principal? What's wrong with people? As soon as they get the teensiest bit of power they weild it at anything and anyone that comes their way :( Even when their responsibility is little children and their futures. WTF.