Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Have you ever wondered what stars sound like, & why?

This is so beyond cool: star songs

Missed Tues. posting as I was ill. Feeling better, now. Going in to fill out a job application tomorrow morning.  Nothing exciting, but it would be the first time I've worked outside of the house in 6 yrs.  It would be a start.


  1. They twinkle musically, of course.

    Great luck!

  2. beautiful!
    Good luck on the job, it is exciting!!! (TO ME)!!! I wish I could work outside the home, I miss the rythmn of day to day about a job, I miss my co workers,

  3. Oh I hope you get a job!! I work from home for people all over the place and sometimes I think I will up & get something 'outside' but then realise I like just going downstairs at home to the office, having a cuppa whenever & wearing whatever I want to work LOL!