Wednesday, January 4, 2012

(NewYear, New You prompt) Relax, Don't do it...

     Being fairly certain  it's Wednesday (this entire week I've been a day ahead...), I am taking this prompt to heart & relaxing a bit by spending the week nights working cross stitch.  A very soothing, calming practice for helps engage the ADD into a focused activity while pleasing the eye with colour changes.
    However, by Saturday I will be finishing up the closet & rearranging the exercise room to be more efficient.  Just reading a letter from sister #1 & her ability to downsize is pushing me into doing more...which is a good thing!
    Another good thing will be the plastics up on one bedroom window this afternoon. Damn..but it was cold in there yesterday afternoon!

1 comment:

  1. I kind of feel a push to down size and organize like I have never felt before, this new year more than any other and have heard the same thing from many different people.
    Time to let it go!
    So happy New Year, may you have peace, health, love, abundance and a clean space! Me too!!