Sunday, January 29, 2012

(Update) Relax Don't Do It

(A New Year, New You update)  Surely I'm not the only one to take January off to recover from Yuletide! ;)
   For me, the holiday season starts with Grandchild #2s' birthday in late October, & doesn't end until (approx.) 6 January.  So I take the next 2-3 weeks 'off' rest, to put Yule away, work on unfinished needlework (always one or two left over).   The morning after my birthday (31 January) starts my year for me. 
   I've spent these past two weeks cross-stitching & reading fiction. I've finished cleaning out my closet & getting rid of fluff not used this past year.  I've decided on some patterns & fabric to update my wardrobe appropriately (still looking for a blouse & a shirt pattern.....).  I'm finalizing goals (mundane & magical) to intertwine nicely.  Looking forward to my 2012 :)

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