Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(New Year, New You) Some Enchanted Evening

    This weeks' prompt is to dig into the magic & let it flash.  In my case, I'm halfway to sitting up the prosperity altar, halfway to beginning to converse with my Ancestors (oh...such mind baggage I've given myself to shovel through), 3/4 of the way to a solid meditation practice. 
     Being a wee bit freaky about having a thoroughly ordered working space, tonight I finish the physical set-up, so I can sit out my salts (fairly certain that I have found a few spots where grandchildren will not spill &/or eat same), consecrate my prosperity altar, & clear a space for a honey jar (maybe two, for symmetrical balance).  However, as my little under the table job left for Las Vegas in the autumn, I, literally have no spending money at hand.  I live with my daughter, helping with the grandchildren, but it is hard to explain to a blinkered child why I need the honey & etc. So, it might be until the end of January, when birthday money will come in, before I actually complete this altar. 
     My blood Ancestors...well...there are some strong people there, good people, but 'muggle' doesn't begin to describe them.  Like-minded Ancestors...still contemplating this idea, researching.
     I am actually pleased with meditation, for where it stands it will be going strong by Spring.  However, now that I've read around other Charmers' goals, mine seem boring in comparison, & rather on the milquetoast side of things. So, I will be adding a bit by next week...after I have my altar set up more.  Starting a new-er goal with one not completed drives me nuts.....;)


  1. Be patient with the things you're trying to achieve. You'll complete them at the right time. ^-^
    As for you're meditation practice, YAY! I've tried many a time to get a regular practice going as part of my daily (lack of) routine. As of yet I haven't found success. I know I will, however, if I stick to it. It's so awesome that you're sticking with it!

    I'm glad you like my monkey. =D He totally make me happy... such a wonderful thing for a stuffed toy to do. ^-^


  2. A prosperity altar sounds good to me. You can never have too much prosperity.