Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August is the hardest month

At least, it seems that way to me.  Winter was, at one time, the harshest time to survive. Now, with our advances in heating & food storage it isn't such a dire problem for many of us.  August, with its' heat & high humidity, with its' potential for sever storms, is the worst. So hard to breathe in this humidity!
My littlest cat, Garnet, is having a very difficult time.  She isn't all that old, only 11, but she has a tendency towards colds.  For cats, colds have a tendency to be viral so antibiotics aren't that effective. Poor girl, she has such a severe cold this time.  So hard to breathe & rest in this weather. She is very lethargic & refuses all treats or food, but accepts water. :(
Also, my laptop has fried itself out, so I am borrowing my daughters' on occasion.
It is hard for me to be enthusiastic about sewing in this nasty weather as well.  Very frustrating, but hope to get *something* done this weekend.
This made me happy, though.
And I need one of their catalogues to daydream through.


  1. I agree August is a hard month, hope your littleone feels better soon, that was an inspiration the story of the pitbull, made me smile too, the people who threw her from the car should have been jailed, without food, in a cold wet room, with snakes, OK, i'm done.

  2. Between Lilly's huge grin and the bright veggies I find August a lot easier to bear ;-)