Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Garnet died this morning...

...around 7.30 a.m. Surrounded by the warm comforting thoughts of so many, it was very peaceful.  Like her half-sister, Jasmine, Garnet was susceptible to the 'cold' virus that affects felines. She just couldn't fight off this last virus, even though, at 11 years, she wasn't *that* old.
     So now Garnet is over the Rainbow Bridge & making friends with Lena, Tegan, Duke, Mica, Cassi, ChinaRose, Dieter, & Jasmine. Mine Host wait for my eventual arrival, all expecting me to bring roast turkey treats...
      Just before she took such a bad turn, Garnet was so much more affectionate than usual.


  1. my deepest condolences on loss of your dear Garnet, she will walk as a ghost cat now and probably will visit you often in spirit,

  2. She was collecting caresses, the warmth of your touch, your fresh scent to bring to the rest of your Host. She will join the rest to collect surprises to show you even more love when you arrive. And I'm sure she wanted to leave some of her essence in your skin, just like she knew you already had in your heart.

    May her travels be swift, joys and full of curiosities that bring bliss to her kitty soul.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention something -- thanks for sharing that sweet video. Garnet was such a lovely cat.

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today.