Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why is it I can't find football when I want it?

A small cold front is moving through my area, bringing with it drier air at a much more comfortable temperature. This, naturally, brought up thoughts of Autumn ( that blessed reward for surviving another season of evil summer weather). Autumn brings up fairs (didn't find any articles that I liked that weren't two years old) & football (mostly the tight slacks & the occasional shot of fall-coloured skies).  Only...while I was looking for articles on Autumn & football (as opposed to words about training camp), I came across this wonderful, awesome article, shared by the equally wonderful & awesome Kallan.

Any other thoughts I was going to write on(such as returning to school, is university worth it anymore, open courseware, online classes) have been effectively postponed by Grandchild #3 crawling into my lap & falling asleep.  Her dead weight is claiming half of my extremities.

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