Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The 'I Want's

Anyone who has been around young children knows the chorus reverberating throughout the household as October rounds into November is ' I Want That!'.   Finally. Grandchild #1 is now most selective about such pronunciations &  Grandchild #2 still gets easily distracted by what he already has.  However, Grandchild #3 has started the war-cry much earlier than the other two did.  She doesn't particularly know what 'it' is, but she wants 'it' nonetheless. Once #3 starts in, #1 chimes in with her desires, just in case the war-cry actually works with #3.  #2 starts up shortly thereafter because #3 & #1 are at it.  In the spirit of the game, I have decided to chime in...as soon as this has a commercial on when they're watching T.V., I get to add my own 'I Wants' !  This 'I Want' beats #2s' pair all hollow :)

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