Saturday, November 24, 2012

2 Quotes, 1 Visual #2

"Troll or Derby" (Red Tash) is the next book up. A visit to the darker side of Fae & Troll-folk, with drug dealing, roller derby, and  a (maybe) human girl in the middle of it all.

Quote #1: "I mean, you've seen movies, you've read Rowling & Tolkein.  I'm telling you that the real-live working-class trolls of the Midwest are nothing like you've been told." (page 9, paragraph 5)
     Not to give anything away, but Tash has blended Trolls & Amish seamlessly.

Quote #2: "Humans are suckers for drama. Trolls aren't.  That's more of a fairy thing--they're quite good at it."  (page 42, paragraph 1)
      This tale is a sweet blend of fiction set in our reality.  The logic of Tashs' world of Trolls & Fairies hangs together neatly enough to give the unwary reader a twinge of maybe-there's-a-bit-of-nonfiction within the story of Deb & Harlow.

(Couldn't resist this one)
Quote #3: "She saw so many truths flash in front of her eyes that she sometimes forgot what she had told to whom, & free will has a way of cancelling them out."  (page 43, paragraph 7)
     Said of one of my favorite characters.  It isn't, you know, that Zelda lies......

1 visual: "Most pixies are as considerate as a horde of fleas, as lighthearted as an angry hornet, & unless you've got them under a spell or well-bribed, they don't give a moments' pause for anyone elses' well-being but their own."  (page 163, paragraph 3)
      Sounds rather like my daughter......

     Red Tash is a favorite author of mine.  I adore fairy tales, & Red has written a brand-new one!This book has a permanent place beside my Grimms' tales, & I look forward to the sequel.


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