Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ear Worms!

They most especially strike when I am tired or stressed....or both :/
    #1 Dream
    #2 Gitchi Gitchi Goo
    #3 Gravity Falls theme
    #4 Dear Mom & Dad
    #5 Addams family
    #6 Pinky & the Brain
    #7 Randy Cunningham

Yea, these are all 'cartoons' songs.  I tried to find catchy adult or prime time ear worms, but I could only come up with a few.
     #8 Midsomer Murders
     #9 Inspector Lewis
     #10 CSI


  1. I just listened to them ALL! And my mood (which was good to begin with) is not static. What a riot ;-)

  2. ;), my typing is poor today, but I enjoyed this

  3. We bought my daughter a cd with songs with her name in, she loves it, drives us mad!