Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's a chill wind blowing

But it's still April.  Which is very close to a warm spring. Which means that I am looking for rhubarb in the grocery stores (marmalade or BBQ! ), wondering about good buys on grapefruit (jam!   ), & still looking for a decent sized 5l crock .   The thing with moving frequently is that I don't get the chance to see where the cool spots are in the summer (in other words, where best to put The Crock). Then again, it does give me the opportunity to take my time in finding a nice sized crock ;)

On a side note, I did get my plant tower put together. Also, discovered that I need some lower sided plant flats for it. & I need my daughter to show me how to upload photos on this new laptop.  By the time I figure out the photo issue, I should have Tortie the Turtles' tank washed out. Yea!


  1. I took my pepper plant outside a couple of weeks ago, and last it got so cold that I almost brought it in. She's doing okay, today, so I'll see...

    Plant tower? Pictures!

  2. Wanna see pictures of your plant tower!

  3. Give me a day or two to get the flats seeded, & then I'll post pics.