Saturday, April 20, 2013

My guilty secret!

Whenever I'm feeling stressed & have the need to hide out inside of a book, I turn to the mystery cozies of Marian Babson .  No scary monsters, no gothic horror romance, no masterful wordsmith-ery that remains with a person through the dark night. Just a bit of mystery, the occasional murder, & usually a cat in tow, somewhere.  Nice, soft, & relaxing-- Babsons' books are the literary equivalent of Midsomer Murders .  Easy on the eyes, shorter in length, predictable to follow, & a comfortable fit. For example, from "The Cat Who Wasn't A Dog":

Quote 1: "Come to think of it, she was right.  Your average ghost isn't really the matey sort.  At least, not with his peers, although he might occasionally try to cosy up to the living- when not content merely to scare the living daylights out of them."  (page 116, paragraph 14)
     Why is that, anyway?

Quote 2: " 'I like to know where I am, in relation to everything around me.'  I couldn't understand people who didn't.
                 'It's all those gangster films you were in', Evangeline said severely."  (page 118, paragraph 10)
      Evangeline could have a point.

1 Visual: "We were surrounded by dead creatures.  They stared at us with glassy eyes from dark corners.  Birds perched on rocks beneath glass domes, a fox lurked in the shadows behind a trestle table, on top of which white mice paraded in increasing sizes from a baby mouse up to a large white rat."   (page 11, paragraph 1)
     I like a sturdy trestle table almost as much as I do a sturdy, but graceful, pedestal table.


  1. "I like a sturdy trestle table almost as much as I do a sturdy, but graceful, pedestal table."

    I pick up Stephanie Plum when things are rough and I want to travel to a book. Funny, quick and totally ridiculous ;-)

    1. Still on a quest to find an affordable army/navy surplus trunk in excellent shape. They're my sort of 'end table'.

  2. sounds exactly my kind of book!