Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mundane bones

Not all bones are metaphysical, mystical, or used in foretelling. Some bones are pretties which lead to shinies! For example, this lovely from Hula Tallulah .  Or my shinies, which were packaged in such bright beauty:

 The brightness revealed:
It's a peacock pendant, by the way...please pardon the crappy pic!
When not drooling through the pretty shiny bones, older bones, if not ancient bones, call my attention. A favorite blog for reading about same is Powered by Osteons. A lively writer, who is also a mother of a young one & a college professor, she writes reviews about (the tv show) Bones , from an bioarchaeological  POV, ancient romans, & what her students are up to

Her take on Bones is lighthearted & I wish I was close enough to take one of her classes (& qualified to!) :)  Either way, reading her words about the Romans & looking at her photos, my mind happily leaps to old days, imagined lives, & just where these bones wandered & what they said.  I wonder, as well, what these ancients would have thought of the Sugar Skulls & their newer neon colors.  Would they have gladly worn these colors or been appalled?  Ah, if only I had the wordsmiths' skills.......


  1. I think anyone (ancient or otherwise) would love to wear those sweet shinies ;-)

  2. Such gorgeous jewelry, and those boxes are to die for - I LOVE sugar skulls! We have no sugar skull art whatsoever over here :(

    1. Thank you! We Americans are incorporating sugar skull art from out neighbors to the South.