Tuesday, July 5, 2011

i adore marshmallows

it's true...i do. big pieces, small pieces, any pieces at all! & david lebovitz has a great recipe listed :)  roasted marshmallows, candied potatoes with marshmallows, practicing marshmallows for gift-giving.....i am so ready for autumn & a cooler kitchen!


  1. I also love marshmallows,, in rice krispie treats,, on a stick, out of the bag,, browned over an element on my kitchen stove when the urge takes me,, yum,, I just found you from October farm,, I'm your newsest follower,, its nice to meet you,, I'll be reading your past posts if anyone needs me,,

  2. I also have chemical sensitivities and allergies,, I know your pain,,really controls ones life for sure,,i'm so restricted in where I go, what I use and what I wear,, its a nuisance, have a good day today,

  3. thanks for the well wishes. & welcome! :) the most irritating, for me, part of chemical sensitivities is that those near & dear discount my reactions as a figment of my imagination designed to most inconvenience them!