Friday, July 29, 2011

unhappy pumpkin

not wanting to leave the pumpkin seedling to get tromped by an energetic dog, i transplanted it into the wee patch. the blooms are still nice & green, but the leaves promptly wilted. hoping this is merely transplant shock. it seems to be firmly anchoring itself into the ground, or tomorrow the last of this seasons' mugwort & basil gets harvested. i'll give the spearmint until early this week coming before it gets cut back. the chamomile has probably two cuttings left. the beets haven't germinated yet...will give until the end of the week coming.
i was worried that the tomato plants blooms were rotting, but looked the issue up online & it's written that sometimes this happens when the plant is weather-stressed or has decided to grow some more. they have grown noticeably, but haven't see where to clip back the new growth. hope they set some more fruit.

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