Thursday, July 21, 2011

no weeding in this heat!

mini cabbages will be ready to bring in by saturday. i have noticed a difference between this season & last. thinking it has to do with the fact that i didn't use miracle-gro this season.
it's supposed to be misery outside through saturday, so will have to get up extra early saturday morning to weed, water, harvest. 
if the last 4 cukes aren't big enough to pull, too bad. the vines are coming out. they are just too damaged by 'im not sure what. too many blooms rotting away to make it worthwhile. instead i will water deeply & set beet seeds in. according to the package late summer is when you're supposed to plant. we'll see.
basil & spearmint are almost done for the season. think i have a few more clippings before the chamomile is kaput.

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