Tuesday, February 14, 2012

(New Year, New You) Lesson Learned?

This weeks' prompt is to reflect on what I've picked up on these past nine weeks.  Lets' see...

1) I've learned that setting goals in a more public setting works to get things rolling with a minimum of whiny reasons why I can't.

2) The fog is beginning to thin out now, enough so that I might actually be able to format legible questions during the next nine weeks. This, I will add, is an exhilarating feeling.

3) It has become stridently clear, seemingly through some vague sort of osmosis, that what interests me, what I find is my touchstone, above all else...are the Elements, is Stone & Stars.  Theme song?

4)It really helps to review stated goals every two weeks, because I find that I get so involved in the minutia that I forget what my overarching goals are.  It also helps to minimize distractions...of which there is an incredible amount.

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