Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Response to (New Year, New You) Maps....What if you don't have a sacred place?

    This prompt was rather a rough one.  Not that I don't love maps...I do! I can amuse myself for an entire afternoon going through various distances in the current Rand-McNally Road Atlas.  Following a map in real-time, is, of course, a vastly different thing ;)  It's just that I don't have a place which I would call Sacred.  I put this down to being born into a military family.  My father was in the Air Force until I was 16, & he had a very itchy foot.  Not that I saw much overseas, but spent much time moving between Michigan (Dads' hometown) & Nebraska (Moms' hometown).  Both small & given to looking at a person askance once you've moved & returned.  I had moved 40 times before I hit high school.  The closest I get to Sacred are the stars above.  So long as I can see the stars, I feel safe, content, expanding...I'm smiling just writing the word :)
     I find peacefulness when I retire to my private space up on the third floor.  I set my mind to mulling over an issue & then get to whatever will occupy my conscious, cross-stitch, music, looking up to the Moon outside my window.  Within 24 hours of setting my subconscious  to work, of asking for help in deciding, the metaphorical bricks drop upon my head.  Well, it's more a feeling of, literally, having an invisible brick wall suddenly drop in front of your face.  Can be an odd, if not obvious, hint that an answer approaches.
     In this instance, I just asked for clarity on what's going on within my goals. I was feeling stuck in fog & not sure why.  The brick walls dropped were a quote:
                         "When you find it hard to decide which things to focus on and when to say 'No', maybe
                           your purpose isn't working."     Jurgen Appelo
the turning up of The Tower in outcomes for tarot, the word 'Minnesota' popping up unexpectedly (which I had previously dropped), & then this upon the new moon on the 23rd.  Which, since my distaste of the colour pink is incredibly known, I found rather perverse of the Ancestors to put up! However, the music made me laugh in delight, & 'Plum Blossom'.  Thinking the damn pink showed up as I dropped the Mn. word in a fit of pique. ;)   

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  1. Clarity is always a good thing and there's something to be said about having part of your home as part of your map :) It was a popular choice this winter!