Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's overcast, with rain off & on rest of the week....

& the soninlaw hasn't done a damn thing in the yard for 2 months (dog sht not cleaned up= no mowed lawn= haven't even started to prep the garden space).  While the seedlings are sprouting & pushing upwards, I am immensely frustrated that I can't get out & about.  Plus, sweet & goofy Big Dog was supposed to find another home, so I wouldn't have to scrounge up fencing (pleasing me & the landlady).  Short Dog doesn't have legs long enough to require fencing....lining up large containers for extra gardening space would solve that issue.  *But* that issue seems to have fallen by the wayside.....:/

So I am stuck with merely reading about other peoples' wonderful circumstance of actually having a garden, as opposed to having to fight every half-inch of the way for my little space....sigh......
Victoria's thinking about dry shade, Nancy's thinking about lilacs, VP has compost on her mind while The Gardeners Eden has visions of spring flowers & Dianna is working on Hugelkultur.


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  1. I had to give my graden up when we moved to the city, I can only dream now, I understand your frustration, I love gardens and dogs, hopefully you'll be able to keep all three.Two dogs and the garden,dog poop is nasty, hope soneone soons helps with that!You sure don't want to have work in a poopy garden! YUK!Even dogs don't like to walk in their own poop,unlesss they have no choice,