Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things to do when ill....

The winds blew strong & the weather got damp. So, my sinus' got irritated with the whole idea of cooperation & I have had the worst kind of post-nasal drip all week.  Head is stuffy, balance is off, I've coughed so hard I've puked, &  my eyes are heavy with (generic) Ny-quil NiteTime Cough.  Yet, I can't sleep the day away....so what to do to occupy a mind too tired to concentrate?

Well, there's the archives of 3 favorite online cartoons: Reds' Planet  ,  Holiday Wars  ,  & Wapsi Square  .
There is also the latest episodes of 2 of my favorite t.v. series: Castle & Grimm  .   However, when your mind is so fogged over, the slightest exertion (standing up) can result in a coughing spasm, & you don't even need to lay down...just closing your eyes for 15 mins. will do....then there's always Carmina Burana.


  1. oh you poor woman, I feel your pain, been there, sounds like you got it covered, I also found massaging the cheekbones under your eyes triggers a spot in your sinus, as well, steam,tale care, hopefully tomorrow will be better

  2. I can't wait for school to be over, for I so want to get lost in Grimm!