Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One of those days......

The day started with Grandchild #2 puking (phlegm from his sinus'), all of the cats being clingy, the eldest cat ate something that he shouldn't have & spent the morning puking in various spots in the house.  By lunchtime, the cats were still clingy, the sick cat was still sick, & Grandchild #3 also decided her sinus' were making her ill, & she threw up.  It poured rain by afternoon, cancelling Grandchild #1s' soccer game.  By suppertime, all three grandchildren have sore sinus' (which hasn't lowered the noise level), the basement is getting damp from all of the rain & starting to smell, but the sick cat has gone upstairs to sleep off his sour stomach. 

For myself, this rain is making me tired.  The granddaughters' bedroom is still a mess, I still need to put away clean clothes for grandchildren, & all I want to do is go upstairs, bring iced tea with me, do some cross-stitch, watch the season-enders for NCIS & NCIS:LA, & really hope they have a *lot* of explosions.

No deep thoughts for this Tuesday, just an image & a song that gave me a smile. Hope they do for you, also.


  1. I'm watching that too and it looks like you might get your wish, I saw the previews and it looks like something is getting blown to bit!

  2. Explosions are great mood changers. The last time someone annoyed me, I watched Terminator ;-)

    I hope the grands and the kitties are feeling better already.