Saturday, January 5, 2013

2 Quotes, 1 Visual #14

#14 is 'Taking 1960', by Rosa Sophia.  A tale of strange, unsettling dreams, a dead grandmothers' ring, time travel, & a murderer brought to account moves Katherine from Pennsylvania to traveling to Las Vegas with a great-uncle she never knew. 

Quote #1: "Julie Maslin was like a parasite in Katherine's thoughts, filling her dreams and waking moments with hopeless anger.  Something horrible had indeed happened, something that Kat couldn't comprehend.  And that was why she couldn't stop thinking about her."  (page 23, paragraph 2)
    The dreams that Sophia has given Kat drew me in, &, no matter how stressed Kat gets, I kept cheering her on.  Just so I could get Julie Maslin out of my mind as well.

Quote #2: "Jake decided that if Katherine truly had gone back to 1960, then time was like a pinwheel.  It was the same on all sides and corners and able to turn in any direction.  If that was true, then something like this cardboard box had always been here.  That meant that time went in continous circles.
                  But, Jake thought, there's always the possibility of some kid sauntering into your garden like he owns the place and breaking that pinwheel in two."    (page 129, paragraph 2,3)
     Awesome!  Love these paragraphs so much that they earned this book a permanent spot on my shelves.  Even though, time travel to 1960, the year before I was born, does make me feel old!

1 Visual:  "Despite the fact that Katherine had packed Julie's letter in her duffel bag, she would never find it again.  She had no idea that it was back in the box in the attic, as though someone had reached into her bag, pulled it out and taken it back, like a picture from an album that had somehow becom7e
misplaced.Kat's clothes were still in the box as well.  She hadn't cared to take them with her, since they were too moth-eaten to wear."  (page 309, paragraph 7)
     Even though the pinwheel was broken, someone wanted it whole again, bad enough, to rearrange the 'furniture' within. 

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  1. Now I want to know about the dream...

    And I always love your visuals. I think I can see the hands, the tattered clothes, the missing letter...