Thursday, January 17, 2013

Getting closer....

Still working on the birth record.  I am planning on getting caught up to the point where I can spend the weekend finishing one of my small shawls.
It's the oddest thing, but embroidery & sewing I can pick up & put down.  Knitting, however, is another story entirely!  I just *have* to finish a piece as quickly as possible, no matter what else needs doing.


  1. I feel the same about poetry and short story. If I start a poem, I have to finish it (I hate when my mood changes between stanzas). But short stories and longer work, I'm fine with one bit at the time ;-)

    I'm loving your progress (I might be a bit jealous, too)

  2. this piece you are working on is beautiful, I wonder what that says about you the not being able to put the knitting down, does it mean you really have a passion for knitting ,, I wonder,, mmmm, thank you for visiting me today ,