Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sweet things

There hasn't been much stitching done this week as I'm too distracted over moving.  However, two sweet packages arrived this week that I would like too share.
Isn't this just a little sweetheart? :) The Ehag emporium has a monthly giveaway to help promote the wonderful artists featured on this blog. I won this cutie from Joyce Stahl . Isn't she gorgeous? :)
This sparkly shiny lovely is one of the creations from Kris of the Laughing Vixen Lounge.  Kris' pieces are beautiful pieces, heavy in weight & charms!
Unfortunately,  my blurry pics don't do justice to this beauty!  Currently, there is a Valentines' Day Movie Marathon contest on the Laughing Vixen blog.  Goodies on giveaway :) 


  1. love the heart and such a pretty bracelet!

  2. oo, you have some lovlies for sure,

  3. Look at your bling! And that heart is perfect ;-)